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Spring Summer 2013

Jungle Escapism Collection

Summer always gives us instantaneous feel of energetic moods. On schematic of colors, what would you choose to wear to exotic jungles? Into the realm of escapism...

Escapism means habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative recreation from reality s i m s i m’s girls escape daily routine by wearing “Jungle Escapism” Collection, imagining themselves daydreaming momentarily in the jungle.

In this collection s i m s i m will take you on an escape from reality a journey through an imaginative place full of mysteries to discover.

Edgy, crisp, ethnic and boyish, explanations of this collection, inspire s i m s i m to choose all the prints and textured fabrics. The uses of tribal fabric prints taken from previous collection repetitively reappear in this Spring/Summer 2013 “Jungle Escapism” Collection.

The following key items define s i m s i m’s take on “Jungle Escapism”: Wild floral print chiffon, water-striped cotton, river flow abstract print, textured cottons, stitch-embroidered cotton, and the elegant laces embellished with stitch- embroidered cotton. In the making of this collection, it was very surprising to see these items unlock the possibility of adding much more varieties to the collection as a whole.