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Fall Winter 2013

Burnesha Collection

Conjuring up images of a girl wearing contemporary clothes with masculine style inspired by the Balkans folk costumes, one of the regions in Southeastern Europe that has incredible decorated textiles and art of woven costumes. The wearing of folk dresses appeared in the early the 16th century and lasted until the middle of the 20th century. Historically, people of the Balkans used to wear homemade traditional costumes. The traditional costume went out of common use at the present but they are still worn at national events or by performers.

The Balkans tribal ethnic group funneled their style on embroidered textiles, statement trims, and the ability to weave costumes and dress up in utterly many layers of loud and clear patterns. The costumes reflect ethnicity, structuralism and the history of Southeastern European womenswear; these ideas consequently exalted s i m s i m’s imagination to create this Fall/Winter 2013 collection - “ Burnesha”

In winter; however in a tropical climate, layering is limited but was cleverly attempted, which clearly shows synergy between function and fashion. A strong stand of splendidly loud patterns and an idiosyncrasy of the overall silhouettes intensely conclude this Fall/Winter 2013 collection “ Burnesha”.

In finer details, "Burnesha" collection consists of tapestry-inspired embroidered textiles matching up the silhouettes; these are carefully selected authentic fabrics were. An attempt of layering was turned into three-pieced suits in dark blue printed jacquard, and two-pieced suits in creamy gold checkmate jacquard. Peplum blouse, jumpsuit and dress come in basket weave cotton-blended in celadon green and baby blue. A shirt with voluminous sleeves in cotton prints of yellow flower on oxford blue is a perfect example of loud patterns. Banana-leg pants, bias-binding vest, and dirndl skirt in dark blue printed jacquard and Tank top in bright yellow with purple embroidered are wholly idiosyncratic. Boxy top in natural cotton-stretch. Wrap pencil skirt with hill tribe trim and a maxi dress in cotton crepon in multicolored printed.