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s i m s i m

Fall Winter 2012

The Villager Collection

In this debut collection sim sim was inspired by geometrics, hill-tribal fabric prints that provoke thoughts from an adventurous, youthful, and energetic girl, with a sense of exotic wilderness and sentimental style.

Making use of modern fabrics - in this particular collection – for creating such a seamless mixture into traditional vibe of Thai hill tribes resulting in unique yet wearable garments.

The mixture of fabrication and the minimalist silhouette plays a big role in “the villagers”. Strong bold tribal patterns matched with earthy cotton, hand beaded on two-sided cotton twill dress, ivory plaids with chiffon are all the sophisticated elements to look for. Blending boyish, modern edges into the designs combining with the collection’s most refined fabrics, tulle sequins, fabricates “The Villagers” collection to be anything but ordinary.